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Shine Online,
Reel in Clients,
and Smile…

Ride the wave to business bliss…

Customer Cruise Control

We make your journey smooth and enjoyable while helping your business grow and thrive.

Treasure Trove Quality

Our commitment to quality ensures that every service we offer is a treasure trove of value.

Lighthouse Assistance

Our service is a guiding light, helping you navigate the sometimes murky waters of the digital world.

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Is this you?

You’re riding the waves of confidence, connecting with clients who brighten your day, and now, you’re all set to breathe fresh air into your online presence.

As an entrepreneur, you’re knee-deep in your zone of genius, delivering stellar results to your cherished clients.

WHAT’S MISSING? A seasoned partner who’s ready to handle every detail of your automations and web development.

You’re not just an entrepreneur; you’re a dynamo. You serve clients who ignite your passion, and now, you’re eager to make a bigger splash while spending less time in the business shallows.

You understand the importance of a website and automating your business that’s an extension of yourself, one that instantly communicates your message to potential clients and firmly plants your flag in the ‘digital’ real estate of the business world.

and now, you’re ready to

Reimagine your business’s next exciting chapter, creating a bigger impact while keeping your sanity intact.

You’re well aware that every moment you delay launching your project you’re risking

  • Potential clients and revenue vanishing with the tide.
  • Trust-building opportunities with your potential clients eroding like sandcastles.
  • A centralised knowledge hub that remains a distant island.
  • Peace of mind about growing your business drifting further away.
  • Losing time manually sharing the same information with each wave of clients.
  • The ultimate tool for effortlessly reaching your ideal clients staying just out of reach.

but you’re also aware it’s entirely possible to…

Step confidently into your business, armed with a tool that’s not only visually stunning but functions like a well-oiled ship. It’s the beacon that attracts leads, educates clients, and sets sail to sell your services.

Melody Guillen
    Melody Guillen

    Virtual Melody

    You were great! Thank you so much! You really helped me out in launching my website, and anyone who decides to work with you is in for a great service.

    Let’ pull up the anchor, and set sail

    Here’s How We Can Work Together

    Here are Our package offers

    Scuba Diver

    Tailor-Made for You if You’re Eager to Team Up with a Pro

    Ready to embark on a journey where an expert crafts a powerful, seamless website and automation experience exclusively for you? Let us handle every intricacy of the project, allowing you to stay fully immersed in your genius zone.

    starting at


    Free Diver

    Perfect if You’re Eager to Dive into Collaboration

    Ready to ride the creative waves with a seasoned pro to co-create a customised, seamless, lightening fast website and brand for your clients? Allow us to guide you while crafting a top-tier website and business automations

    starting at



    Ideal for You if You’re Ready for a Done-for-You Website

    If you’re ready to take the plunge with a done-for-you website, this is your paradise. You provide all the content using our handy workbooks, and we’ll expertly handle the design and tech, allowing you to launch your new website swiftly and seamlessly.

    starting at


    Whoa! okay, What’s Included?

    Every package includes the same thing but at varying levels to help you complete your project.
    Included in The Build:
    Working Together
    Build Timeline

    Between 4 – 8 Weeks depending on Package

    What Happens After
    Sera Johnson
      Sera Johnson

      Sera Johnston Coaching and Development

      Pink Sands are a group of well-prepared professionals that helped me develop my website and the techy stuff I don’t understand. Their knowledge and expertise make Pink Sands the best solution when wanting to improve.

      This IS for you if

      • You’re as confident as a seagull in flight, and you’re ready to breathe new life into your online presence to draw even more fantastic folks into your world.
      • You’re prepared to embark on a journey of business reimagination, steering your ship into the next exciting phase to make a bigger impact while keeping your serenity intact.
      • You’re the captain of your genius zone and are in search of a seasoned sailor who’s ready to navigate every last detail of your automations and web development.
      • You’re looking for long term peace of mind as you grow your business.

      This is NOT for you if

      • You’re sailing without a map, unsure of your ideal clients or the treasures your offers will uncover in the coming year.
      • You’re hunting for a bargain-bin beach shack of a website, a pixel-pusher’s paradise.
      • You’re expecting a flawless “first sandcastle.” Design and development are like the tides, adapting to the changes around them.

      Here’s how it works


      Schedule a Complimentary No-Pressure Consultation

      Join me for a chat where we’ll discuss your business, your aspirations, and I’ll shed light on the process and packages. Feel free to ask any questions – no pressure, just sunny conversation.


      Select Your Package & Secure Your Spot

      Pick the package that perfectly aligns with your businesses needs and objectives. Afterwards, sign the contract, and set sail by making your deposit to kickstart our journey together.


      We Deliver a Business Boosting Tool Just for You

      In the upcoming months, we’ll collaborate closely to fashion a remarkable system and a stellar website. Your ideal clients will be drawn to you effortlessly, like a fish to a lure

      Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice

      About pink sands global

      Let’s Dive into You, Your Business, and Your Goals. We’re Here to Make Your Business Shine for You!

      In the sunny world of Business creation and efficiency, we understand that every company faces its own set of unique challenges, especially wading through all the jargon when it comes to digitising your business. Fear not, for we’re here to be your crew and solve them all!

      We specialise in designing and crafting online experiences and journeys for solopreneurs and small businesses yearning to leave their mark in the vast digital ocean.

      Our hearts beat with the rhythm of the waves for enterprises seeking a strategic guide who won’t just design it and leave you scratching your head with all the tech, but also a tech-savvy unicorn, that can make all the admin, funnels and anything else techy seem virtually non-existent (a rare combination, I assure you).

      With a treasure chest of a combined 25 years of experience, our mission is to bring you crystal-clear clarity, profound insights, and unwavering direction, not only in the realms of Website development but also in the enchanting world of business automations and sales funnels.

      Pink Sands Team

      Take Your Service-Based Business to the NEXT LEVEL!

      Together, We’ll Craft a Breathtaking Website and a Nurturing Customer Journey That Establishes Trust in Your Business

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